jeudi 14 février 2008

It's much easier of me to make a monster out of you

Lover, and now that you've left me, I'm glad you're unlovely
'Cause if you could take all the heat in your heart and just hang it from you
I wouldn't be able to bear the way you cannot love me
It's much easier of me to make a monster out of you

And so here I go, substituting the glow from your temples

All our sighs and our trembles, and each last letter sent you
From the cheap little pen of this weak little man, the one singing
Out his jangling, ringing and hopefully stinging attack upon you

Yeah, so here I go, just exploding the hope we'll be speaking

Some day, years from now, seeking friendship and understanding
Yeah, I hope you get angry, and hurt, and have the hardest of landings
And I hope your new man thinks of me when he sees what a number I did on you

I grow tired of this song, turn my eyes
to the blonde in the bleachers
She's a lovely young creature
I think she's seeking adventure
I think she's ready to see that the world ain't so sweet nor so tender
I won't break her, just bend her, and make her into my new ringer for you

I stay in the same comfy town
Write the same old songs down
Drive the same streets
Seek the same sense of dull peace
Whisper the same sweet words to the chippies
The same walk by the road 
And where the same muddy snow's finally leaving
But I'll fight off the spring
I don't want lovely things
I don't want the earth new